So What Is An ERG?

Enterprise Resource Groups (also called Business Resource Groups, Networking Groups, or Affinity Groups) were originally formed to provide employees with an opportunity to meet, discuss and address common interests, issues, or concerns. These groups have expanded beyond their initial purpose and mandate to provide valuable input to employers about key business issues or strategic opportunities.  


 Why Are ERGs Important?

When implemented as part of an organization’s strategy to support veterans, Veterans ERGs provide value to the company, the veteran and military service employee, and the company’s workforce as a whole. 


How Do ERGs Create Value?

As part of a company’s business strategy for growth, a Veterans ERG not only serves as a forum for veterans to interact and engage in social activities but also provides the company with a competitive advantage in terms of veteran recruitment and retention and enhancing stakeholder relationships. In addition, here are some key strategic enablers that ERGs provide for:

  • Act as liaisons to and provide investments in communities that impact Veteran causes and issues
  • Positively reinforce the company’s reputation and goodwill 
  • Support business development and customer/supplier relationships 
  • Bridge civilian/military gap positively impacting firm’s ability to attract, recruit, hire, and retain veterans 
  • Assist in the development of the veteran workforce pipeline 
  • Improve overall employee satisfaction, pride, and morale 
  • Enhance organization’s relationships with the military, local community, and Veteran Service Organizations in support of veterans’ initiatives and increased veteran employment 
  • Builds organizational capability through best practice sharing and implementation 
  • Acts as the central repository for veteran information 


Share Your Stories

VCC would love to share the successes and achievements of ERGs across the country by telling the stories of our member and companies. These stories inspire current members and raise awareness of the accomplishments of all veterans. 


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